Clem Labine

2020 Henry Hope Reed Award laureate

2020 Hhr Headshot Lebinec

Clem Labine, the publisher and founder of influential publications, prizes and digital media, will receive the 2020 Henry Hope Reed Award for his vital role in creating and maintaining a national network of architects, academics and artisans devoted to the promotion of traditional architecture. This is given annually to an individual working outside the practice of architecture who has supported the cultivation of the traditional city, its architecture and art.

“Clem Labine created a vibrant forum for ideas that have undoubtedly changed the course of contemporary classicism in America,” said Driehaus. “His vision allowed strangers to become collaborators, leading to a true professional community.”

The jury citation reads, “(Labine’s) audience reach transcends the academic, professional and construction industries and dignifies all the disciplines that produce beauty in the built environment. Labine’s work has encouraged an entire industry to thrive, making information and connections available to broad audiences, and ensuring that the practice of traditional and classical architecture could grow beyond the regional to the broad constituency it enjoys today.”

Labine is the founder and editor emeritus of Old-House Journal, Traditional Building and Period Homes magazines. and currently serves as editor emeritus. Labine also created the Palladio Award, which recognizes excellence in traditional design, and the eponymous Clem Labine Award for creating more humane and beautiful environments.